Streamline Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and/or coding service organizations need complete and accurate information from their clients to perform contracted services. PowerFlow’s digital document management system (DMS) improves the collection, organization and processing of client data needed to provide a high quality and consistent service.

  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Shorten delivery times
  • Instantly access data
  • Manage work-in-process
  • Track exceptions
  • Solve your records storage problems

PowerFlow’s automatically generated forms eliminate manual hand written documents providing more accurate information that is easier to read. This creates not only a more professional appearance, it ensures better communication between medical professionals, medical services and patients. Pre-populated content including important customer information like name, date of birth, date of service, account and/or patient number, etc. are generated quickly and easily. Medical documents are accessible in real time, streamlining business and communications as well as increasing employee productivity.

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PowerFlow effortlessly standardizes and manages important billing and coding information and documents including:

  • Patient information sheets
  • Insurance and identification cards
  • Release and waiver forms
  • Insurance forms
  • EOB’s
  • Correspondence
  • HIPAA compliance documentation
  • Employee certifications
  • Reports
  • Documentation/POA Clarification requests
  • Diagnosis/Procedure Change requests

PowerFlow’s digital document management system (DMS) organizes and stores all standardized documents in a secure repository. Authorized personnel have instant access to necessary documents at their fingertips allowing for immediate internal and external communication of necessary information within a safe environment.

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Did You Know PowerFlow Can Securely Scan Your Medical Billing Documents Through Their Own Full-Service Production Floor?

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