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PowerFlow Solutions is the document management system provider that developed PowerFlow Software. PowerFlow Solutions had its beginnings in the infancy of the digital age, providing strong technical solutions for digitally capturing historical paper-based information. We realized early on that we also had to look forward, toward the influx of new paper and its eventual crawl to inconvenient storage of some sort.

Until recently, there was an excruciating lack of flexible and affordable digital systems that could support all segments of industry and their unique needs. The software costs and complexity were simply too high, too unsustainable, to customize for specific workflows and specific markets.

Building on our depth of experience with digitizing and managing historical paper-based information, we developed from the ground-up the PowerFlow Captured Information Management™ product to run on your equipment and to be easily configurable to the way you work. The PowerFlow CIM system takes the paper in your work environment and makes it digital.

A Digital environment:

  • Saves time
  • Is more secure
  • Costs less
  • Has greater flexibility

When developing PowerFlow, flexibility, functionality, and the end-user were primary concerns. Instead of forcing you to adapt to a new way of organizing information, PowerFlow focused on how you are doing it now. PowerFlow is the complete solution, with no hidden agenda, no missing parts-when your information is captured, PowerFlow gives you total immediate management of that information. This is our Better File Folder ™

PowerFlow Solutions can help you get past the nerves and onto a path of reduced costs, better information capture, greater efficiencies, and rock-solid information wealth.


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